Monday, January 10, 2011

Business Cards for Florists

I've began a massive new project on Squidoo and have created business card lenses for just about every profession.  I have searched extensively and have added some of the most beautiful designs from Zazzle. When the lenses are established, I will probably add more from other POD sites but I'm sticking with Zazzle for now.  Although this project is taking up a huge amount of my time, I am enjoying it for many reasons.  Aside from getting to see the best of the best business cards out there, I am also learning to improve my very own business card creations.
Here are three additions to my latest business card designs, using my Hibiscus Floral Arangment illustration, that I've added to my Florist Business Cards lens.  I am quite proud of them!  Please visit the lens to see many exceptional business cards especially designed for florists.  These cards can be fully customised and are available on many paper types. 

Florist Business Card profilecard
Florist Business Card profilecard Florist Business Card profilecard


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